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Statamic Theming

Because of how Statamic stores everything in flat files - even content - drop-in themes like Wordpress has been enjoying for a while are now a reality.

It’s no secret that I’m now loving , a new flat-file PHP CMS that . Yesterday something huge dawned on me. With Statamic and its clever file system organization it’s now potentially possible to drop in two folders of files and have a fully complete, content-populated website in seconds.

involves following some basic naming conventions but beyond that, you’re free to choose whatever field names and data structures you want. Since content is all in a separate folder (/_content) populating a site with content is merely a folder copy away.

Combine that with layouts and partials and you have a cleaner implementation of the that’s the community recently.

I’m Predicting a New Market

I’m predicting at least a handful of enterprising people will see how damned easy Statamic is to theme and will set up little shops to sell their themes. As a Statamic customer one would only need to drop a theme folder into /_themes and then a folder of sample content into _content and BOOM, instant site.

Designers can do something similar. Code locally. Build the theme and populate it not worthless lorem ipsum (or the funnier but no more useful to the client ) but with instructional content that describes the content options in-context. A designer would then be able to deliver a single ZIP archive of the theme as well as start-up content giving instructions for how to use the various fields and features.

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