Instantly Search Devot-ee With a Bookmarklet

Like all ExpressionEngine developers, I’ve become dependent on the amazing #eecms resource called Devot-ee. Unfortunately, searching it isn’t the fastest and as we all know, time is money…

Update: Devot-ee’s search functionality is now quite fast. Ryan talks about the search upgrade in his blog post on devot-ee:

We switched from our old search functionality to Low Search from our friend Low. Low Search uses MySQL’s native FULLTEXT search capability, which means it uses a lot fewer queries and is blazing fast. We modified it to meet our needs – among other things, we added the ability to manually weight certain entries and categories – and we’ll be pushing at least some of those modifications back upstream to Low.

Inspired by Lodewijk Schutte’s handy EE Search Bookmarklet I created one that searches Just drag the following link to your browser’s toolbar: devot-ee search bookmarklet


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