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Triggering a Specific Tab in the Gumby Framework

For the past few month’s I’ve been using the wonderful Gumby Framework by Digital Surgeons. One thing that didn’t come out of the box was a way to raise a specific tab when visiting a page.

When “Random” Isn't So Random

I recently purchased a new car that has the ability to stream music over bluetooth or via USB. After tiring of handling the sometimes buggy bluetooth connection, I threw about 700 songs on a USB stick and left it plugged into the car. Now, if I’m too lazy to futz with a bluetooth connection I still have a subset of my music available for instant play.

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@johnwbaxter No worries. I used to use MAMP Pro as well but felt compelled to try gulp for everything instead of standalone apps. — 9 Jul

@jackmcdade I’m speaking about the FE template development phase. Before spinning up a dedicated Apache instance. — 9 Jul

@johnwbaxter I’m trying to use gulp for all preprocessing as well as firing up the local server. This is for static FE dev. — 9 Jul